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 REPORT: Night sabotage

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Major Sturmm

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PostSubject: REPORT: Night sabotage   Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:51 am

Planet: Semper

City: Infinitas

Location: The Landing Zone

All was dark and silent.

Coils of fog were creeping over the ground. Their cold fingers seeping through armor and clothes of the men on duty guarding two troop carriers. It was chilling them to the bones.

A little further, in the ruined buildings on the outskirts of Infinitas, were two Squad’s quarters. The basements provided some rudimentary comfort, conversation, food and a warm fire. Being on guard duty meant two long hours of deprevation from all that and boredom as a bonus.

“Damned fog, damned night, damned cold and damned guard duty”, the trooper muttered. “Just damn it all”. He could barely make out anything in the fog and darkness wich seemed to be darker then ever before. The feeling of uneasiness that accompanied him since dusk grew ever stronger.

What was that?! ...

He halted, held his breath, eyes and ears wide open … He could feel his heart beating stronger … Nothing …

All was dark and silent.

He sighed and turned around on his heels to head back for he felt he had wandered off a little. “Blast, can’t see a bloody thing in this soup”.

“Good”, someone or something whispered in his ear while his mouth was covered and he felt an explosion of pain in his back. He wanted to scream out but could not. Pain! So much pain! He wanted to run, escape from this pain but he could not move, he just could not … he …

And then all was dark and silent.

Well my friends, you'll have to exercise a little patience. The story of another clash between Rapier Squad and Major Sturmm's renegades will unfold next Friday! Again I say to you: watch out for the report and watch your back!
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PostSubject: Re: REPORT: Night sabotage   Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:22 am

Early morning in Aeterna... darkness lay still over the city. Rapier Squad, after having fought off a Kroot horde, set up camp in territory known be claimed by Sturmm. Waiting for further orders, Corintus ordered the squad's vehicles parked just outside the garrisoned buildings.

Lieutenants Lomm and Bastdorff led the patrol around the square. Together with troopers Locke, Asp and Phelan, they kept their eyes open for a possible Sturmm incursion. Rapier's vehicles were important, in order to get them home again. Sturmm would realize this.

The first rays of light appeared on the horizon, as a muffled cry failed to stir Lomm's patrol. Nevertheless, two troopers on patrol were snatched from the shadows and quickly - and silently - put down. The assault had begun.

Their first obstacle overcome, squad Sturmm moved in towards the objective. With their heavy loadout, they weren't planning on staying hidden for long. But the silent takedown of the first two sentries gave the rest of the squad hope that they'd make it far, without getting detected.

Bastdorff, flexing the muscles in his big arms, was patrolling the tall building. As he casually turned a corner, he suddenly stood face to face with Sergeant Barbie, in all her ugly glory.

"RAISE THE ALARM!" he cried as he back down immediately and cracked off a few warning shots to warn his comrades.

Within a moment, the off-duty part of Rapier Squad burst out of the garrisoned buildings, ready to with any thread. Corintus started barking orders:

"Set up a base of fire at the square. Don't let them come close. Fire at will!"

Sturmm grinned as he realize their cover had already been blown. Who cares about stealth?

"KILL THEM ALL!" he yelled at his troops, who instantly opened fire as they advanced towards the square.

Commissar Gaius, with the Ogryn in front of him, swung around one of the buildings used by Sturmm to advance. They would outflank the enemy and drive him towards the firing line on the square.

Longus jerked his head back and led out a deafening roar as he gunned down one of Sturmm's heavy machinegunners. The rest of the troops did not wait to be gunned down and started moving towards the centre of the battlefield.

All hell broke loose as Sturmm's men approached the square. Corintus was in the middle of his line, yelling orders. Then a hail of fire washed over him and he ducked for cover. When he looked up, several of his men lay wounded on the ground. Gripping his bolter tighter, he started screaming: "COME ON, YOU BASTARDS!!"

A stray shot knocked him down, out of the fight. Cadians kept dropping left and right, while Sturmm advanced.

To the north, Gaius took a bullet to the chest and slumped to the ground. Grabbing the Commissar by his elegantly decorated collar, Longus dragged his superior from the battlefield. With only Doc Argo and Specialist Brand remaining, the trio retreated from the field, the vehicles lost to Sturmm.

Another victory for Sturmm!


It's not fair, I'm telling you. You see, Sturmm is the guy who rolls so many snake eyes, he's on the RSPCA's black list. A true tormentor of snakes. But today? Today all he rolled was critical hits, I'm telling you.

This game was one-way traffic from the start. Sturmm took out two of my sentries without raising the alarm. When it was raised, I had to position my men. No matter where I put them, in how much cover... they were all head-shotted to death! X_X

In return, Sturmm suffered NO casualties! GAH!

So with 9 out of my 12 models down, I had no choice but to retreat (I could have retreated a turn earlier... but I lost like 3 or 4 models that last turn, and did nothing in return. It could have been different, if I had just made a few kills!).

The Post-Battle Sequence added insult to injury. My flamer TLGT was captured by Sturmm, who was kind enough to return him to me after I paid him a hefty sum (still better than losing your officer and all his gear). My boss was robbed (I did not dare to re-roll that one this time, after screwing it up so badly last time...).

In the end, though, I only lost a single recruit: the rest of my men survived! Phew... that could have been alot worse. Still, my Captain switch has not done me any good, so far. I have yet to win a game against Sturmm with this squad! THE HUMANITY!

I hope you enjoyed this report, I'm afraid it will be the last for a while: I'm moving houses, we've got the holidays AND I'm going to take a closer look at Infinity (but if I end up playing that with painted models, I'll post a report).

The one who changes Avatars, Usernames and Squads more than Lady Gaga changes costumes

Avatar art by HeavyMetalHanzo. Used with express permission.
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Major Sturmm

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Age : 51
Location : Odijk, Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: REPORT: Night sabotage   Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:14 am

An excellent performance of Squad Sturmm! Being not the greatest tactician ever, though Orks would surely disagree, I started off pretty well. The two sentries were retired easily. Lt Bastdorff was coming on to my lovely Barbie too fast, she would 've appreciated a slower and more subtle approach for a first date. Anyway, I had two models in front of this character, four shots at BS4 and they all missed!!!

After that everything went fast. I rushed my squad into position, firing away. Not all went to my satisfaction but as Arachas says: I rolled a lot of Critical Hits! I even amazed myself. Seeing the Commisar and Longus trying to outflank me I took my squad out of their firing range. Only Longus managed to fire once and stunned Schimanski (HWS). I kept them out of the game, lucky me! Laughing

I fired at everything that moved and hit! The way was clear to reach the vehicles and blow them up, but alas, Arachas decided it would be better to call it a day and ordered a tactical retreat. This meant I would not have to fight his reinforcements but, more importantly, no extra bonus for destroying the vehicles. Too bad... Crying or Very sad

I had a little compensation though: I captured his flamer, which indeed I was willing to return to Arachas for a fair (!) price.

Would be nice if I finally would roll for a TLGT with so many talented troopers because I still have to fill in the gap that sarge Bilko left!

Hit y'all later! Sturmm
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Gatlag Stonetooth

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PostSubject: Re: REPORT: Night sabotage   Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:05 am

Awesome intro story Major Sturmm!
Great report overall! Nice pics to look at, it almost reads like a comic! Smile

@Arachas: seriously, I would check Sturmms dices. Or are you using the same?
Good luck on the movement!
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Major Sturmm

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Age : 51
Location : Odijk, Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: REPORT: Night sabotage   Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:46 am

Hello to you Gatlag,

Thanks for the compliment on the story! Arachas and I felt like doing things this way add more to the feel and cinematics of our games. Though all the credits for this approach must go to Colonel Prius. He's the one that started using storylines! It's fun to do. And fun to read (back)!

About the dice: I use some of my own and they are NOT fixed. I am notorious for rolling the dreaded snake eyes . . when I should not. So if they were fixed than I f*cked them up pretty well Smile!

Catch you later! Sturmm
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Gatlag Stonetooth

Posts : 1422
Join date : 2009-07-15
Age : 38
Location : Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: REPORT: Night sabotage   Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:11 pm

Hi! Smile
I recognized Prius' style, but your story was so nice to read that I felt like to compliment it! Smile

Haha I know your dice aren't fixed, was just kidding! Arachas would have to find another buddy if it really was so! Wink

Hope to see another report soon despite of the movement.
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PostSubject: Re: REPORT: Night sabotage   

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REPORT: Night sabotage
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