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 Campaign: Hexos

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Da Bank

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PostSubject: Campaign: Hexos   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:51 pm

The battle for Hexos raged on for years. It seemed to be a futile battle as each side could only get in few troops and resources due to the constant flair of Warpstorms. This did not stop them from trying to secure this planet. In reality, Hexos didn't really matter but it was pride at stake.

The Imperium did not dare give up a planet without a fight. The Tau were ever present to attempt to bring those that wanted to the "Greater Good". The Orks just wanted to fight and really didn't care about anything and the Eldar where coming to lay claim to an ancient relic of theirs that was lost a long time ago (or that just want to dance to disco).

Chaos was not about to let another world go back to the Imperium without a fight and they continued to send troops as they could.

Even though the Imperium had many different IG regiments on the ground there was always a constant struggle between them on who was better and or more pious. Two such regiments where in a blood feud that had gone on for many many generations. It was the Ice Guard and Jenkala's Urban fighters. The two had become mortal enemies when a Jenkala sniper had to take out an Ice Guard preacher deemed an apostate by the Inquisition. The problem arose when the Inquisitor disappeared after the shooting and no real justiciation could be found for the assasignation.

During two recent patrols in part of the destroyed capital the two Imperial Guards plattons decided it was time for retiribution. In the cover, of the mayhem and destruction the two sides attacked each other. It was a bloody kill feast. Either side not wanting to retreat.

Supplies are low and so is the morale for all the troops but each fights on for their own cause. Who will win? Only the Emperor knows.

Captain Jake "The Snake" Stallone
123rd Jenkala Figthers on Planet Hexos
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign: Hexos   Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:08 am

It is Tzeentch's fault!

The Mordheimer - Death Squads' Chief Editor & Ninja Designer. Bursting with ARACHAS' Dev-Powahâ„¢! Puke
Can't wait until someone invents a time machine so I can go to the specific day in the past that I volunteered for this, so I can kick my own ass.

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Since I ask "What do you think?" to all Staff, I have included it here to save time.

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Da Bank

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign: Hexos   Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign: Hexos   Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:24 pm

Love it! - can't beat having the Imperial Guard at each others throats (Already the rivalry has started between my Varangians and the Chem Dogs in our campaign - only a war of words so far!

Cheers Laney
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Da Bank

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign: Hexos   Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:00 am are correct.

Someone who was watching the game asked "why would the guard kill each other".

Then I was compelled to discuss the most secretive feud that has been going on for generations between these two IG Armies.

I am ready for Thursday night game as I tricked out my AT 43 Red Blok minis to be my Jenkala's urban Fighters. I put on backpacks (Officers) put on Ork sights on my recruit group that got +1BS.

I took a hochland long rifle (warhammer fantasy) and put it on an AT43 RedBlok guy(of course cut his arms off).

Added a few bits here and there to spruce them up a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign: Hexos   

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Campaign: Hexos
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