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PostSubject: Box's Imperial Guard Blog   Box's Imperial Guard Blog I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2015 11:54 pm


After many years of not being active in 40k I thought I'd breakout my old Imperial Guard army and finally do some justice to them, after all the army has just been sitting in my damn closet for God knows how long!

I dug out the old boxes and other containers where I've stored all my guardsmen and after a quick inspection I noticed that most of them are falling apart. I guess that cheap super glue I used as a kid wasn't the best choice. So I ended up taking a quick trip down to my local Hobby Lobby and picked up a new cutting mat, X-Acto knife, and some super glue. I also stopped down by the Dollar General and picked up some LA Awesome to strip most of my poorly painted minis.

Here are today's results.

Box's Imperial Guard Blog 20151207_174112

Box's Imperial Guard Blog 20151207_174333

I really created this thread to keep me motivated and give myself some accountability for the duration of this project. I'll try to post some weekly progress reports on how things are going. Hopefully you guys and gals enjoy my journey back into 40k! Oh yeah, please leave some comments on how y'all think I'm doing. It'd be great to get some feedback on how people feel!

P.S. Sorry in advance if the picture quality is low, I took these pictures with my phone since I don't have a camera.
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Box's Imperial Guard Blog
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