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 Philosophy Behind the Game and Development

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PostSubject: Philosophy Behind the Game and Development   Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:41 am

UPDATED: July 29, 2009

Death Squads is a skirmish miniature war game that pays homage to those that have gone out to war and sacrificed with little or no recognition in the Warhammer 40,000 futuristic universe. There have been many historic wars in the universe, but during many smaller battles, warriors have helped to decide how some of these historic events have unfolded.

This is your opportunity to pick your favorite race and play out smaller events in the 40K Universe. Who knows maybe you like the Imperial Guard and you are in charge of a platoon on a boring recon mission when you stumble upon a group of Orks just beginning to set up their base in that area. Maybe you love the idea behind the Space Marine’s Deathwatch, and would like to infiltrate a Tau factory plant for sabotage. The Tyranids maybe initial Vanguard forces, which eventually lead to the planet’s infestation. Maybe you control the Tau, who is building a new planetary canon from which they intent to shot Imperial Navy war cruisers in high orbit. The ideas are limitless!

Sounds like Kill-Team? Far from it… because now the Brutes are heroes on their own rights!

The objective of Death Squads is to personalize the story based campaign. Each model in your small group will have a name, story, ambitions, hope, dreams and gears. Each model will grow in experience and the longer you play, the more unique he becomes. Our goal is to enhance the 40k settings and battles. Maybe you like to play Battle Fleet Gothic, to take upon ship-to-ship battles in space… but when it comes to boarding an enemy ship, you could use the Death Squads rules! Based on what happens, you may slowly build the unique story behind your Imperial Guard Company Commander! All in all, this is about you having fun, playing a great game and hopefully watching your Squads of Warriors grow with experience through their battles.


Everything started when two fans (DaBank and The Mordheimer) decided to make few changes to a game of Space Hulk back in August 2008. The concept evolved, slowly but steadily, until it was decided that a skirmish-type game format would be adopted. At one time we had a private group in where ideas and discussions trickled. As the group grew in size, more and more feedback was evident. Locally, several individuals joined the development of Squads and the streamlining of rules. The compilation and documentation of rules was difficult, but the result has been a fun (very addictive) game. We have seen players 'move on' to 40k or expand their armies because of Death Squads.

Now the rules are stable and compiled in an electronic document known as The Living Rulebook (TLRB). This document contains ALL the rules necessary to play; from explanations of the basics for those new to the hobby to advance rules for seasoned veterans. TLRB also contains information regarding Official Squads; basically those Squads who has been developed and deemed fair. Since the rules are complete (balanced for the enjoyment of everyone) we have decided to move forward and encourage the world-wide community to take the game for a spin.

The purpose for this Forum is to encourage visitors and players alike to exchange information, ask questions, share experiences about their games. The Development Team will continue to work to bring more Squads for your gaming pleasure in secluded area.

During this developing phase, Squads that are incomplete or not tested to see if they are 100% balanced are known as Experimental Squads. The purpose of Experimental Squads is to give everyone an distinct division between Squads which are balanced, and those which are in the process of being balanced. While this is done by a core of dedicated players, anyone could be invited to join the process.

Individuals in the community who demonstrate that they are active participants by asking questions, sharing they game experiences, etc. may be asked by Developers to test Experimental Squads (to give feedback) or even to help with design of new Squads. Based on the community's feedback, the Experimental Squad's author could make changes to make the Squad more balanced. Eventually, when the author believes the Squad is if fair, balanced and fun he may request for it to be included as an Official Squad on TLRB.

Lots of discussions, changes and testing takes place during this process, and so why it was decided to limit this process to individuals that wish to put the time and effort. Every Developer will have an equal voice and vote, that they may use to help the direction on which the Experiment Squads will take, and when they become Official Squads. If the majority votes in favor of the Squad's Official Status, the Squad will be included in TLRB and a new edition will be published.

This would allow energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to become active participants and help this fan-based effort. They will bring different views, opinions and experience to our game. Some Squads could become Official very quickly (in matters of weeks) while others may never do so. Regardless of a Squad status, everyone would benefit! Maybe your local group decides to allow a particular Experimental Squad in the local campaign... nobody will stop you from using it. You maybe the one who finds out how to improve it and help it become an Official Squad!

All of us put hundreds, if not thousands, of hours creating many of the different elements that became Death Squads but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES any individual person has 'more saying' than others. This is a community fan-based effort and everyone that works as hard as any Developer has the exact same rights, voice and vote as anyone else. So, put your ideas together and join the rest of the community to make Death Squads a better game!

Feel free to contact any of the individuals listed below (soon) if you have questions or suggestions on development.

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Philosophy Behind the Game and Development
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