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 “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)

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Colonel Prius


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PostSubject: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:55 pm

Ok, another 1vs1vs1 scenario. The objective was quite straightforward; kill an enemy leader and make sure your own survives. The report was written by Sturmm, but he had some trouble with the pictures, that is why I am posting it. (Strong language warning)

“Just keep a close eye on that bitch will you?” Sturmm surveyed the surrounding area of the squad’s base camp inside a ruinous building.

“Yeah, will do”, Brutus replied. As the squad’s Enforcer it was his task to keep the men sharp and obedient. Now Sturmm was quite a character, but Brutus was something else! The men started sweating even when Brutus was only mentioned. Good … “I don’t get it; she got to use all that expensive gear and what did she do with it? She cannot hit a Land Raider even if it is two feet away from her! Ugly AND blind.”

“Yeah well, I’m not sure what’s going on, but we’d better be sure. You watch her closely.” Scratching his ass Sturmm turned around and adjusted his bolter.

One of the men, trooper Scully, came up to the two officers: “permission to speak sir?”

“Spill the beans Scully, be quick about it”

“Sarge Bilko told me to tell you that one of the meatheads told him that he … ehm, she … ehm … it? saw some Kroot turds.”


“And what?” Scully said while he glimpsed at Brutus.

“And what Major, Sir!” Brutus bellowed at the trooper who jumped back a few feet.

“Ehm … and what major, Sir!? Ehm, sarge Bilko set up a perimeter, sir! He wanted you to know. Sir!”

“Get the fuck out of here Scully before I gut you, you dumb ass. Tell Bilko the major will check on him when he’s ready!”

Scully saluted and made his way as fast as he possibly could. As soon as he was gone shouts of warning came from the narrow alley close to the wrecked truck just outside. Apparently the Kroot were already here. Stinking animals: the lot of them. Sturmm went up to the first floor to get a good vantage point. Brutus hurried himself towards the truck to join Bilko. On his way out he saw Judaes, the priest, and Braevis, the squad’s muscles, taking position close to the door.

“Ranx and Coles!”, Brutus shouted, “get your asses up to the windows and shoot at whatever comes through that alley!” Trooper Ranx picked up his heavy stubber, while Coles readied his flamer. They teamed up behind the windows from where they had clear sight on the alley. “Come to papa boys”, Ranx muttered. “Yeah, I wanna torch some reKroots”, Coles laughed.


No reply. Brutus looked up to Sturmm. Both men made a mental note to look into this matter after the fight.


- Deployment

- Kroot move out

- Guard deployment

-Guard 'repositioning'

- Sturmm takes up firing positions

The first few turns involved a lot of movement and doubt for the Kroot. Squad Sturmm decided to dig in and let the enemy take the fight to them. The Imperial Guard kept a low profile. They figured they’d better let the Kroot attack the renegades first before entering play. The Kroot had been effectively directed towards the renegades due to some clever booby trapping of the Imperial Guardsmen. The Kroot weren’t too keen on running the gauntlet.
In the meantime, sergeant Barbie was scouting the area away from the approaching Kroot. One of the meatheads accompanied her as a minesweeper and booby-trap detector. It went forth a little ahead of Barbie. Suddenly she saw some movement beyond the tower she wanted to check out. Humans. Immediately she ordered the meathead to go in hiding as she was doing the same. They were Imperial Guardsmen. Damn boy scouts. Well, just come my way and I will show you mine boys Barbie grinned. It looked as if the guardsmen were camping. What is this? A fucking holiday?

“Incoming!” Two smoke grenades exploded out on the street but apart from a lot of smoke, nothing else … Suddenly three Kroot hounds appeared from the alley. Squad Sturmm let fly lead and burning promethium. One of the cursed dogs was hit and fell to the ground, the other two instantly turned tails and headed back. Ha!

“Huh huh”, Braevis chuckled, “me like this game, huh huh”.

“It’s not a game you oaf!” Judaes said to the Ogryn. “We’re on a Holy Mission to cleanse the universe for the Greater Good”. To the Greater Bad, as in the Dark Gods, would be more appropriate, but what the hell …

Brutus and Bilko had been obscured by the smoke for some time and Brutus ordered they should get out of there to see if they could contribute to the shooting. “Get moving sarge!”. Bilko did so reluctantly, he managed to survive a long time now and he was not keen on dying just yet. Damned jerk off Enforcer.

From up high Sturmm could see some Kroot warriors hiding themselves and digging in. Otherwise nothing happened. Stinking cowards. He saw one of them starting to wave it’s claws. Must be a Shaman, but again nothing happened. Sturmm noticed a Kroot in the building across. He took aim and pulled the trigger. Blood splattered all over the place as the Kroot took a shot in the head. Nice[i].

-The Kroot lay down a smoke screen

-Kroot and renegades meet

- the Hounds are suffering

- And can't hold the line

- The renegades are emboldened

- Kroot take position in the building opposite the Renegade building

-The Kroot take up covering fire

- Oh, and the guard move around a bit...

-And take some high ground

- A small guard detachment follows 'Barbie'

This was the only kill that Sturmm actually made during this game. Loser! The Kroot stayed indecisive as to which way to go. They were shot at as soon as they looked around the corners of the building in which they were running around like mad. Kinda funny you know.

Suddenly Sturmm saw Barbie running toward the base camp, followed by a meathead. [i]Where have you been my little darling?
, he thought. Then he saw they were pursued by Imperial Guard. More blood for the Dark Gods Well, the Kroot weren’t doing anything, so he guessed he could pay some attention to the new arrivals. Jokers probably were enjoying the attack of the Kroot on Sturmm’s camp before they decided to join in.

Sturmm took a few shots at them but all of a sudden bullets were flying around his head. What the f*bleep?! Well it was clear that his position was becoming a bullet attracter, so it would be best to tactically retreat. (Flee that was: I want my mummie!!!!)

Meanwhile squad Sturmm fought like lions to protect their leader. Braevis caught a lot of bullets but he shrugged them off as if it meant nothing. And it didn’t. “Huh huh huh, Braevis want to play, come and play with Braevis huh huh huh”.

-Renegades turn to meet the IG threat

- The strike team following Barbie encounters stiff resistance at the Renegade stronghold

- Sturmm, before he got scared and ran away, obviously.

- Guard LT running away after failing to wound the enemy Ogre Braevis.

-Kroot striking from their building

From turn six the Imperial Guard start to move towards the renegades and the Kroot. And with a very very very lucky shot from one of the guardsmen Sturmm get startled and legs it off the table. What a bummer! Well: OOA so Prius is now ahead on the mission objectives.

The Squad now had to fight off two enemies. The odds were against them but they all held firm! Finally the Kroot noticed the Imperial Guard and started to fight them. This seemed like a good opportunity to leave the field of battle and call it a day.

“ehm … did I really saw the boss running away?” Scully whispered to Ranx.

Ranx breathed heavily while carrying the stubber: “ehm … I guess we’d be better off not to, so shut up Scully if you want to live a little longer …”

-IG and Kroot Clash

-Kroot backstabs a renegade

The game reaches its pre-determined turn limit. With only the Guard managing to take out (ok, scaring away) another leader, they win the game.

Post battle was relatively uneventful, no Guard fatalities (thanks to the medic), mild losses in the recruit ranks of both Renegade and Kroot Squads.

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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:26 pm

Awesome!! Dang it Prius, your table is looking better every game!

Sturmm - funny stuff, you should write some more of that.

Great report, loved everything about it!

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Major Sturmm


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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:45 am

This was great fun! But man, the "novel-writing" is hard! I feel I gotta improve on the skills for that. As you can read I wrote it totally from the Renegades point of view, I hope I didn't offend Prius and Telruna with that. On the other hand: what do you want to do about it? Huh?! Bring it on ... Wink

Now I'm working on a report of a battle with no pics. Arachas was butchered by Squad Sturmm. He will deny it ever happened, due to the absence of pics. I'll pimp the report with some pics. O man: did he get his ass kicked! One downside however: Sturmm got injured. From now on he is subject to stupidity. Ah well, wasn't he already?

Smell ya later! Sturmm
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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:27 am

All lies. There's no pics, so it never happened.

But Sturmm did incur stupidity. How fitting. Mr. Burns

The one who changes Avatars, Usernames and Squads more than Lady Gaga changes costumes

Avatar art by HeavyMetalHanzo. Used with express permission.
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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:46 pm

GREAT report! Nice to see you guys pushing the Squads. The table looks VERY good... I'm impressed! cheers

Whoever plays Kroot has to be VERY aggressive... if you doubt, you loose! The Kroot's power is with their Vicious Charge. Not setting yourself to initiate the assault OR counter-attack... you are setting yourself for failure.

Great pictures... I did wnjoy this very much!

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Da Bank


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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:28 pm

Love the story and love the terrain.
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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:46 pm

Ace report and awesome table - I'd be proud to play on a table like that!

Excellent work guys (shame about sturmms stupidity!) Just Kidding

Laney Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:46 am

Analysis paralysis... it can be hard to play the Kroot. I wasn't to eager to send all my kroot through one frikkin chokepoint, and that messed up my game. Besides, the renegades made good use of terrain, they did well (except for their cowarding leader.. LOL )

Ah well, good game. And I love the urban setting. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: “Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)   

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“Leader Showdown” (“Sturmm‘s Embarrassment”)
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